Friday, 30 August 2013

Deosai Plain in Skardu

Located at a distance of 32 kms from Skardu, Deosai is one of the highest plateaus in the world standing at 4100m and is spread over The spectacular scenery that Deosai offers from mid June to mid September is highlighted by some 342 species of vegetation. The landscape is covered with wild flowers that make Deosai radiant with bright colors through the summer. The diverse vegetation supports wildlife and an ecosystem that is a unique example of adaptation to high altitude.
In addition to the Himalayan brown Bear, Deosai and the surrounding valleys are home to the Himalayan Ibex, red Fox, golden Marmot, Wolf, the snow leopard & over 125 resident and migratory birds. This area is a place of attraction for those who are interested in Trophy Hunting.
Drive to Deosai and visit the remarkable Plateau at 4000m above sea level.The Deasai plain (4000 m), a vast high altitude plateau covering an area of over 400 square km, south and west of Skardu, borders on Indian Kashmir. In Balti, the region is known as “Bhear Sar” means place of  flowers. Nowhere lower than 4000 m, this uninhabited alpine grassland has numerous clear streams with unusual snow trout, a large brown bear population and multitude of golden marmots.
Deosai is surprisingly rich in plants and animals, bursting into life during the brief spring and summer months. The plateau is home to the Himalayan Brown Bear, unique to this part of the world. Other mammals found on Deosai included Tibetan Wolf, Tibetan Red Fox, Himalayan Ibex etc. Deosai Plateau offers several opportunities for trekking and easily accessible from Skardu.

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